Article 71. Open procedure.

1. In open procedures, any interested economic operator may submit an offer in response to a call for competition. 2. The minimum deadline for receiving offers is thirty days from the date of transmission of the call for tenders pursuant to the 'article 84. The offers are accompanied by the information requested by the contracting authority. 3. The contracting authorities may set a deadline of no less than fifteen days from the date of transmission of the tender notice pursuant to article 84, if for reasons of urgency, specifically motivated, the minimum deadline established by paragraph 2 of this article cannot be respected. 4. In the event that the contracting authorities have published a prior information notice referred to in article 81 which has not been used as a means of calling a tender, the minimum term referred to in paragraph 2 of this article may be reduced to fifteen days provided that the following conditions are met: a) the pre-information notice contains all the information required for the tender tender referred to in Annex II.6, Part I, letter B, section B.1, provided that these are available at the time of publication of the pre-information notice; b) the pre-information notice has been sent to publication no less than thirty-five days and no more than twelve months before the date of transmission of the tender notice. 5. Upon first application of the code, Annex II.6 is repealed from the date of entry into force of a corresponding regulation adopted pursuant to article 17, paragraph 3, of law no. 23 August 1988. 400, with decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, which replaces it entirely also as an annex to the code. EFFECTIVE FROM: 1 July 2023


REPORT Article 71 regulates the conduct of the tender procedure open to any interested economic operator, specifying the definition of the procedure and the terms regarding the receipt of offers and ...


NEW • the minimum deadline for submitting offers has been reduced to 30 days (previously it was 35 days); • the information required for the tender notice is contained in Annex II.6.
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