Article 28. Transparency of public contracts.

1. The information and data relating to the planning of works, services and supplies, as well as to the life cycle procedures of public contracts, where not considered confidential pursuant to Article 35 or classified pursuant to Article 139, are promptly transmitted to the National database of public contracts through the digital platforms referred to in article 25. 2. The contracting authorities and granting bodies ensure the connection between the «Transparent administration» section of the institutional website and the national database of public contracts, according to the provisions of the legislative decree of 14 March 2013, n. 33. The composition of the judging commission and the CVs of its members are published in the section referred to in the first sentence, as well as the reports on the financial management of the contracts at the end of their execution. 3. For the transparency of public contracts, the data transmitted are authentic to the national database of public contracts at the ANAC, which ensures the timely publication of the data received on its portal, also through the single transparency platform, and the periodic publication of the same in open format. In particular, the proposing structure, the subject of the tender, the list of operators invited to submit offers, the successful tenderer, the award amount, the completion times of the works, services or supplies and the amount of the tenders are published. sums paid. 4. The ANAC, within sixty days from the date of entry into force of the code, identifies with its own provision the information, data and related methods of transmission for the implementation of this article. EFFECTIVE FROM: January 1, 2024


REPORT Article 28 contains the publication obligations in order to fulfill the provisions of the legislation on the transparency of public contracts. In particular, paragraphs 1 and 2 regulate the p...


NEW • The article regulates the obligations to fulfill the requirements dictated by the Legislative Decree. 33/2013 regarding transparency. The envisaged rule aims to standardize the obligations in o...
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