Article 27. Legal publication of documents.

1. Publicity of the documents is guaranteed by the National Database of Public Contracts, through the transmission of the data to the Publications Office of the European Union and their publication pursuant to Articles 84 and 85, as defined by the provision referred to in paragraph 4 of this article. 2. The legal effects of the documents published pursuant to paragraph 1 start from the date of publication in the national database of public contracts. 3. The tender documentation is made constantly available through digital platforms referred to in article 25 and through the institutional sites of the contracting authorities and granting bodies. It is constantly accessible through the connection with the national database of public contracts. 4. The ANAC, with its own provision to be adopted within sixty days from the date of entry into force of the code, in agreement with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, establishes the methods of implementation of this article. 5. ANAC carries out the activities referred to in paragraph 1 with the financial resources provided for by current legislation. EFFECTIVE FROM: 1 January 2024


REPORT Article 27 establishes that the national database of public contracts is the only national database that conveys the publicity of tenders and notices relating to procedures above the threshold...


NEW • The main innovation consists in the identification of the national database of public contracts as the only national collector (eSender) which conveys to the SIMAP/TED system the advertising of...
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