Art. 75. Invitations to candidates

1. In restricted procedures, competitive dialogue procedures, innovation partnerships and competitive procedures with negotiation, contracting authorities or contracting entities shall simultaneously and in writing invite, usually through electronic means, the selected candidates to submit their tenders or negotiate or, in the case of a competitive dialogue, to take part in the dialogue. With the same modalities contracting authorities or contracting entities shall invite, where a prior information notice is used as a call for competition, the economic operators which have already expressed their interest to confirm their continuing interest.

2. The invitations referred to in paragraph 1 shall specify the electronic address on which the procurement documents have been made directly available by electronic means and shall include the information mentioned in Annex XV. Where those documents have not been the subject of unrestricted and full direct access, free of charge, pursuant to Article 74 and have not been made available with other means, invitations are accompanied by procurement documents in digital format, or where this is not possible, in paper format.

3. In negotiated procedures without prior publication of a contract notice, the selected economic operators shall normally be invited by certified e-mail or similar tool in the other Member States or, where this is not possible, by letter. The invitations contain the elements of the requested performance.
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