Art. 71. Contract notice

1. Without prejudice to what contained in Article 59, paragraph 5, second period, and 63, all the procedures of choice of the contractor shall be initiated through contract notices. In order to facilitate the activity of contracting authorities or contracting entities by homogenizing their conduct, following the adoption by ANAC of models of notice, the contract notices are edited in conformity with them. They shall contain the information set out in Annex XIV, Part I, letter C, and are published in conformity with Article 72. They shall also contain the minimum environmental criteria set out in Article 34. Contracting authorities or contracting entities shall explicitly motivate in their decision to contract any derogation from the models of notice.

see ANAC Model-Notice no. 1: Resolution no. 1228 of November 22, 2017, concerning: Supplies and Service contracts

see ANAC Model-Notice no. 2: Resolution no. 2 of January 10, 2018, concerning: Cleaning services

see ANAC Model-Notice no. 3: Resolution no. 723 of July 31, 2018, concerning: Architecture and engineering services
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