Art. 155. Jury for design contest

1. The jury shall be composed exclusively of natural persons, to whom the requirements on incompatibility and abstention as referred to in Article 77, paragraph 6, as well as Article 78.

2. Where to the participants to a design contest is required a particular professional qualification, at least a third of the members of the jury shall have that qualification or an equivalent qualification.

3 The jury shall be autonomous in its decisions or opinions.

4. The members of the jury shall examine the plans and projects submitted by candidates anonymously and solely on the basis of the criteria indicated in the contest notice.

In particular, the jury:

a) shall verify the conformity of the projects with the requirements in the notice;

b) shall examine the projects and collegially evaluate each of them;

c) shall express its judgments on each project on the basis of the criteria set out in the notice, with specific justification;

d) shall take the decisions also by majority vote;

e) shall draw up the minutes of each meeting;

f) shall draw up the final report, containing the rank, with justification for all the candidates;

g) shall deliver the acts of its work to the contracting station.

Anonymity shall be respected until the jury has reached its opinion or decision.

5. Candidates may be invited, if need be, to answer questions that the jury has recorded in the minutes to clarify any aspect of the projects. Complete minutes shall be drawn up of the dialogue between jury members and candidates.
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