Art. 151. Sponsorships and special forms of partnership

1. The regime set forth in Article 19 of this Code applies to sponsorship agreements for works, services or supplies related to the cultural assets set forth in this Chapter, as well as to sponsorship agreements aimed at supporting the institutions and cultural sites set forth in Article 101 of Legislative Decree No. 42 of 22 January 2004 and subsequent modifications, containing the Code of Cultural Heritage and Landscape, lyrical-symphonic foundations and traditional theaters.

2. The administration entrusted with the protection of cultural heritage shall establish the opportune requirements with respect to the design, performance of the work and/or supplies as well as the direction of the work and testing.

3. To ensure the enjoyment of Italy’s cultural heritage and also to promote scientific research as applied to protection, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Tourism can implement special forms of partnership with public entities and bodies and with private parties, aimed at allowing the recovery, restoration, scheduled maintenance, management, openness to public enjoyment and the enhancement of immovable cultural property, through simplified procedures to identify similar or additional private partners with respect to those provided for in paragraph 1.
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