Art. 149. Variants

1. Work ordered by the site manager to resolve details aimed at preventing and reducing the dangers of damage or deterioration of the protected assets is not considered to be a variant during work in progress, if it does not qualitatively modify the work and does not result in a variation as an increase or decrease greater than twenty percent of the value of each individual category of work, within the limit of ten percent of the overall contractual amount, if there is financial availability in the economic framework of the amounts available to the contracting authority.

2. Variants during the work in progress are allowed, within the limit of twenty percent more than the contractual amount, which are required due to the nature and specific characteristics of the assets that are the object of the intervention, based on events that occur while the work is being performed, unforeseen discoveries or events that were unforeseeable during the design phase, or to adjust the project if necessary to safeguard the asset and to achieve the objectives of the intervention, as well as variants that are justified by the development of the standards of the regime on restoration.
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