Art. 143. Contracts reserved for certain services.

1. Contracting Authorities may reserve the right for organizations to participate in procedures for the award of public contracts exclusively for those health, social and cultural services referred to CPV 75121000-0, 75122000-7, 75123000-4, 79622000-0, 79624000-4, 79625000-1, 80110000-8, 80300000-7, 80420000-4, 80430000-7, 80511000-9, 80520000-5, 80590000-6, da 85000000-9 a 85323000-9, 92500000-6, 92600000-7, 98133000-4, 98133110-8.

2. The awards referred to in paragraph 1 shall fulfil all of the following conditions:

a) the organization has as its statutory objective the pursuit of a public service mission linked to the delivery of the services referred to in paragraph 1;

b) profits of the organization are reinvested with a view to achieving the organization’s objective. Where profits are distributed or redistributed, this should be based on participatory considerations;

c) the structures of management or ownership of the organization performing the contract are based on employee ownership or participatory principles, or require the active participation of employees, users or stakeholders;

d) the concerned contracting authority has not awarded to the organization a contract for the services concerned pursuant to this Article within the past three years.

3. The maximum duration of the contract shall not exceed three years.

4. The call for competition shall be drawn up with reference to this Article.
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