Art. 10. Contracts awarded in the water, energy, transport and postal services sectors

1. Provisions in this code relating to ordinary sectors shall not apply to public contracts and design contests in the special sectors which are awarded or organized by contracting authorities exercising one or more of the activities referred to in Articles 115 to 121 and are awarded for the exercise of those activities, nor to public contracts excluded from the field of application of the provisions relating to special sectors, pursuant to Articles 8, 13 and 15, nor to contracts awarded by a contracting authority which provides postal services, within the meaning of Article 1202), letter b) for the pursuit of the following activities:

a) special services linked to and provided entirely by electronic means, including the secure transmission of coded documents by electronic means, address management services and transmission of registered electronic mail;

b) financial services which are covered by CPV codes 66100000-1 to 66720000-3 and falling within the scope of Article 171), letter e), including in particular postal money orders and postal giro transfers;

c) philatelic services;

d) logistics services, that is services combining physical delivery and/or warehousing with other non-postal functions.
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