Procurement Consultancy

Boost your chance of winning more tenders in Italy

We undertake consultancy work across the whole of the public sector.

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What can we do for you?

We have extensive knowledge and experience of public sector procurement and recognise the financial and regulatory challenges that are faced by the sector.

We undertake consultancy work across the whole of the public sector.

Our team consultants have vast experience in tendering procedures at the regional, national, and international levels.

We decided to move public procurement consultancy services to a completely new qualitative level, never seen before in the tendering world. 

We are the founders of, a comprehensive global tender platform.

Our consulting services in the procurement sector

Whether part of a package or a standalone requirement, we offer on or offsite access to a Procurement Consultant who will work closely with you and provide the following services that best benefit your organisation:

Bid Prepare: full review of procurement policies, processes and documentation

- Bid Review: detailed analysis of past submissions and supporting documentation to evaluate your capacity to create successful and compliant bids

- Bid Support: real-time support from an experienced consultant during your tender exercise

- Bid Challenge: independent review of your submission, resultant outcome and identification of ground to challenge the contracting authority’s decision

What is included in our services:

The package of tendering services includes: 

Detection of the open tenders of your interest
Communication with procurement authorities
Submission of electronic documents and Monitoring of the procurement’s results.
Delivery of fully compliant Italy tendered Framework Agreements and contract management services.
- Electronic tender management and Electronic Market "MePA" (*)
Procurement advice and guidance; both strategic and operational.
Analysis of existing procurement documentation to identify any potential legislation violations by procurement clients (violations of procurement related laws, and civil, budget, antimonopoly legislation of the Russian Federation; 
Development of procurement specifications.
Consultations on bid documentation preparation; 
Development of procurement documentation, invitation to tender documentation, pre-qualification documentation, evaluating models and methodologies and tender response support.
Quality assurance of procurement documentation, process and policy.
Provision of bidding documents and audit of prepared bids to verify their conformance to the procurement guidelines, existence of all necessary information and documents, and conformance of such documents to the legislation requirements, in order to ensure acceptance of bids for participation in the procurement process; 
Representation of potential suppliers in bid envelopes’ opening procedures; 
Provision of assistance/advice on matters of italian legislation, clarifications and challenges. Real time phone and email consultations during an agreed period of time
Procurement training and mentoring
Advise with contractual matters that may arise,  amendments to contract, extensions and any other related issue.
Preparation of lawsuit documentation and representation in court, assistance in settlement; 
Expert investigation and reports on specific issues and situations that arise during the procurement process; 

(*) MePA is a digital marketplace in which registered authorities can make purchases for values below the European threshold of the goods and services offered by suppliers that have been vetted and authorized to post their catalogues on the system

Works, Product and Service Category Expertise:

Our supply category expertise includes, but is not limited to the following categories:

  • Construction; All types of equipment and supplies of goods; Medical equipment and medical supplies; Health and social work services; Cleaning and Janitorial; Education Supplies; Fleet Management; Food and Catering; Flooring; Furniture; Education and Office; IT –Tablets/iPads; Legal Services; Print Services; Office Consumables; Postal Services; Soft Furnishings; Telecoms; Transport; Travel; Utilities  

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