Article 91. Applications, single European procurement document, offers.

1. The economic operator who intends to participate in a procedure for the award of a contract uses the digital procurement platform made available by the contracting authority to complete the following documents: a) the participation application; b) the single European tender document; c) the offer; d) any other document required for participation in the tender procedure. 2. The participation application contains the elements of identification of the competitor and the indication of the legal form with which he/she is presenting himself/herself in the tender, any declaration of intent to make use of an auxiliary company, as well as the indication of the data and documents relating to the special participation requirements referred to in articles 100 and 103 contained in the virtual file of the economic operator referred to in article 24. 3. With the document of single European tender, drawn up in digital form in accordance with the model form approved by regulation of the European Commission, produced in accordance with paragraph 1, the economic operator and the auxiliary companies declare: a) to be in possession of the general requirements of referred to in Title IV, Chapter II, of this Part; b) to be in possession of the special order requirements referred to in Article 100 and, if requested, the requirements referred to in Article 103. 4. The single European tender document contains all the information requested by the contracting authority and , in the case of participation in the tender procedure in the legal form envisaged by articles 65 and 66, the declaration regarding the distribution of the service between the members of the group or between the consortium companies. 5. The technical and economic offers, drawn up according to the methods referred to in paragraph 1, are accompanied by the documents required by the notice or invitation or by the specifications. In the offers, the economic operator declares to the contracting authority the price, personnel costs and company costs for safety and the characteristics of the service, or assumes the commitment to carry out the same under the conditions indicated by the contracting authority and the applicable regulations, as well as provides any other information requested by the contracting authority in the tender documents. EFFECTIVE FROM: 1 July 2023 (however, the homologous art. 85 of Legislative Decree 50/2016 also remains effective until 31 December 2023)


REPORT The title, which includes only two articles (articles 91 and 92), is aimed, as reported in the explanatory report, at regulating precisely, with the function of simplification and orientation ...


NEW • For the presentation of the documents, reference is made to the digital procurement platform made available by the contracting authority. • In the single European tender document, the distribu...
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