Article 66. Economic operators for the awarding of architectural and engineering services.

1. The following are eligible to participate in the procedures for awarding services relating to architecture and engineering in compliance with the principle of non-discrimination between the different subjects on the basis of the legal form assumed: a) providers of engineering and architectural services: individual professionals, associated professionals, companies between professionals referred to in letter b), engineering companies referred to in letter c), consortia, EEIGs, temporary groupings between the aforementioned entities that provide public and private clients, operating on the market, engineering and architectural services, as well as technical-administrative activities and economic-financial feasibility studies connected thereto, including, with reference to interventions relating to the restoration and maintenance of movable assets and the decorated surfaces of architectural assets, individuals with the qualification of restorer of cultural heritage pursuant to current legislation, professional archaeologists, individuals and associates, and the companies established by them; b) professional companies: companies established exclusively between professionals registered in the specific registers required by current professional regulations, in the forms of partnerships referred to in Chapters II, III and IV of Title V of Book V of the civil code, or in the form of a cooperative company referred to in Chapter I of Title VI of Book V of the Civil Code, which carries out engineering and architectural services for private and public clients such as feasibility studies, research, consultancy, planning or management of works, adequacy assessments technical economic or environmental impact studies; c) engineering companies: the joint-stock companies referred to in Chapters V, VI and VII of Title V of Book V of the civil code, or in the form of cooperative companies referred to in Chapter I of Title VI of Book V of the civil code who do not have the requirements of professional companies, which carry out feasibility studies, research, consultancy, planning or management of works, assessments of technical-economic congruity or impact studies, as well as any production activities of goods connected to the performance of said services ; (d) engineering and architectural service providers identified with CPV codes 74200000-1 to 74276400-8 and 74310000-5 to 74323100-0 and 74874000-6 established in other Member States, established in accordance with the legislation in force in their respective Villages; e) other entities authorized by national law to offer engineering and architectural services on the market, in compliance with the principles of non-discrimination and equal conditions between the various authorized entities; f) temporary groupings made up of the subjects referred to in letters a) to e); g) stable consortia of professional companies and engineering companies, even in mixed form, formed by no less than three consortium members who have operated in the engineering and architectural services sectors. 2. To participate in the award procedures referred to in paragraph 1, the subjects indicated therein must possess the minimum requirements established in Part V of Annex II.12. The companies, for a period of five years from their incorporation, can document possession of the economic-financial and technical-organizational requirements required by the tender notice also with reference to the requirements of the shareholders of the companies, if established in the form of a partnership or of a cooperative society, and of the technical directors or professionals employed by the company with a permanent contract, if established in the form of a joint-stock company, as well as the subjects referred to in letter e) of paragraph 1, whose minimum requirements are established in the aforementioned attached. EFFECTIVE FROM: July 1, 2023


REPORT Article 66 preserves the provisions of article 46 of legislative decree no. 50 of 2016 (Economic operators for the awarding of architecture and engineering services). The minimum requirements ...


NEW • Article 66 identifies the subjects admitted to participate in the procedures for awarding architecture and engineering services. • The rule contains the generic reference to "other entities a...
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