Article 22. National digital procurement ecosystem (e-procurement).

1. The national digital procurement ecosystem (e-procurement) is made up of the platforms and digital infrastructural services enabling the management of the life cycle of public contracts, referred to in Article 23 and the digital procurement platforms used by contracting authorities referred to in article 25. 2. The platforms and digital services referred to in paragraph 1 allow, in particular: a) the drafting or acquisition of documents in native digital format; b) the publication and transmission of data and documents to the national database of public contracts; c) electronic access to the tender documentation; d) the presentation of the single European tender document in digital format and interoperability with the economic operator's virtual file; e) the presentation of offers f) the opening, management and conservation of the tender dossier in digital mode; g) the technical, accounting and administrative control of the contracts also during the execution phase and the management of guarantees. 3. The databases of national interest feed the national digital supply ecosystem, pursuant to Article 60 of the Digital Administration Code, referred to in Legislative Decree 7 March 2005, n. 82. EFFECTIVE FROM: January 1, 2024


REPORT Article 22 defines the national e-procurement ecosystem, i.e. the set of digital platforms and services that affect the entire cycle of public contracts. In particular, paragraphs 1 and 2 ide...


NEW • A definition is given to e-procurement (national digital procurement ecosystem), that is, it consists of the set of digital platforms and services that affect the entire cycle of public contrac...
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