Article 15. Sole Project Manager (RUP).

1. In the first act of starting the public intervention to be carried out through a contract, the contracting authorities and the granting bodies appoint, in their own interest or that of other administrations, a sole project manager (RUP) for the programming, design, assignment and for the execution of each procedure subject to the code. 2. The contracting authorities and the granting bodies appoint the RUP from among the employees hired, even on a fixed-term basis, of the contracting authority or the granting body, preferably employed by the owner organizational unit of spending power, in possession of the requirements set out in Annex I.2 and of adequate professional skills in relation to the tasks entrusted to him, in compliance with the contractual framework and related duties. The contracting authorities and granting bodies that are not public administrations or public bodies identify, according to their own regulations, one or more subjects to whom they will entrust the tasks of the RUP, limited to compliance with the rules of the code to which they are required to comply. The office of RUP is mandatory and cannot be refused. In case of failure to nominate the RUP in the act of launching the public intervention, the task is carried out by the manager of the organizational unit responsible for the intervention. 3. The name of the RUP is indicated in the notice or in the notice of call for tenders, or, failing that, in the invitation to submit an offer or in the direct award provision. 4. Without prejudice to the uniqueness of the RUP, the contracting authorities and granting bodies may identify organizational models, which provide for the appointment of a process manager for the planning, design and execution phases and a process manager for the assignment phase. The related responsibilities are divided based on the tasks carried out in each phase, without prejudice to the supervision, direction and coordination functions of the RUP. 5. The RUP ensures the completion of the public intervention within the established deadlines and in compliance with the objectives connected to its assignment, carrying out all the activities indicated in Annex I.2, or which are in any case necessary, where not within the competence of other bodies. Upon first application of the code, Annex I.2 is repealed from the date of entry into force of a corresponding regulation adopted pursuant to Article 17, paragraph 3, of Law no. of 23 August 1988. 400, with decree of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, which replaces it entirely also as an annex to the code. 6. Contracting authorities and granting bodies may establish a support structure for the RUP, and may allocate financial resources not exceeding 1 percent of the amount based on the tender for the direct assignment by the RUP of assistance tasks to the same. 7. The contracting authorities and granting bodies, in line with the program of purchases of goods and services and the public works program referred to in article 37, adopt a training plan for staff who carry out functions relating to procedures relating to the procurement of works, services and supplies. 8. In public works contracts awarded with the general contractor formula and in other public-private partnership formulas, the assignment of the tasks of RUP, works manager, works manager or tester to the same general contractor, to the entity awarded the public-private partnership contracts and entities connected to them. 9. The purchasing centers and aggregations of contracting authorities designate an RUP for the activities within their competence with the tasks and functions determined by the specificity and complexity of the acquisition processes managed directly. EFFECTIVE FROM: 1 July 2023


REPORT Article 15, paragraphs 1-9, defines the figure of the Sole Project Manager (RUP), his/her responsibilities for the programming, planning, awarding phases and for the execution of each procedur...


NEW • We move from being responsible for the procedure to the new name (and therefore the new role) of Project Managers. The acronym, therefore, does not change (RUP). • The new name of RUP is in l...
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