Article 157. Negotiated procedure with publication of a notice.

1. In negotiated procedures with publication of a notice, any economic operator may submit a request to participate in response to a call for competition, providing the information requested by the contracting authority or the granting body. 2. The minimum deadline for the receipt of requests to participate is normally set at no less than thirty days from the date of transmission of the tender notice or, if a periodic indicative notice is used as a means of calling for tenders, from the date of the invitation to confirm interest and is not in no case less than fifteen days. 3. Only economic operators invited by the contracting authority or by the granting body following the evaluation of the information provided participate in the negotiations. Contracting stations and granting bodies may limit the number of suitable candidates to be invited to participate in the procedure in accordance with the provisions of article 169, paragraph 2. 4. The deadline for the receipt of offers may be set by agreement between the station contracting authority or the granting body and all selected candidates, provided that the latter have an identical deadline to draw up and submit their tenders. In the absence of an agreement on the deadline for receiving tenders, this shall not be less than ten days from the date of sending the invitation to tender. EFFECTIVE FROM: 1 July 2023


REPORT Article 157 traces the provisions of article 124 of legislative decree no. 50 of 2016, as it reproduces the Union regulations, regarding negotiated procedures with prior call for tenders. In ...


NEW • It is no longer specified that the information is requested for the qualitative selection, as it seemed a superfluous clarification. • Also in this rule there is no longer any mention of a con...
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