Article 113. Requirements for the execution of the contract.

1. Contracting authorities may request particular requirements for the execution of the contract, provided that they are compatible with European law and with the principles of equal treatment, non-discrimination, transparency, proportionality, innovation and are specified in the tender notice, or in the invitation in the case of procedures without a tender or in the specifications. These conditions may relate, in particular, to social and environmental needs. 2. At the time of the offer, the economic operators declare that they accept the particular requirements in the event that they are awarded the contract. EFFECTIVE FROM: 1 July 2023


REPORT Article 113 reproduces the current article 100 of legislative decree no. 50 of 2016, implementing the principles referred to in articles 70 of Directive 24/2014 and 87 of Directive 25/2014, re...


NEW • A typo contained in the art. has been eliminated. 100 of Legislative Decree. 50/16 "specified", rather than "specified". USEFUL ADVICE FOR SA AND OE - The SA may request particular requiremen...
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