Annex V.3 Formation methods for the control room.

(Article 221, paragraph 1)


Article 1.


1. The control room referred to in article 221 of the code is composed of:

a) a representative of the President of the Council of Ministers, with the functions of President;

b) a representative of the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport;

c) a representative of the Government's Extraordinary Commissioner for the reconstruction in the territories affected by the seismic events which occurred as of 24 August 2016;

d ) a representative of the Mission Structure for the coordination of the reconstruction and development processes of the territories affected by the earthquake of 6 April 2009;

e) a representative of the Minister of Business and Made in Italy;

f) a representative of the Minister of the Environment and Energy Security;

g) a representative of the Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council with responsibility for innovation;

h) a representative of the Minister of Tourism;

i) a representative of the Minister of Culture;

l) a representative of the National Anti-Corruption Authority;

m) a representative of the Unified Conference;

n) a representative of the Minister of Education and Merit.

2. In case of absence or impediment, each member indicates a delegate.


Article 2.

Mode of operation.

1. The meetings of the control room are convened by the President, specifying the list of topics on the agenda.

2. At the end of the meetings of the Control Room, specific minutes are drawn up. These minutes are approved during the next meeting.

3. At the invitation of the President, in relation to the topics to be discussed, representatives of the local authority system as well as representatives of trade associations may participate in the meetings of the Control Room.

4. Up to three representatives chosen by the President of the Control Room, including members of civil society from the territorial areas, are permanently invited to the meetings referred to in paragraph 1.

5. The Control Room, upon its installation, defines the further methods of its functioning.

6. Each member of the Control Room undertakes to maintain maximum confidentiality on the data and information of which they become aware, in any capacity, during the meetings of the Control Room.


Article 3.


1 . The control room is located at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. In relation to specific topics to be discussed, work meetings may be called at other locations.


Article 4.

Secretarial and support functions.

1. A structure of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers carries out secretarial functions and ensures the necessary technical support.

2. For the availability of information and data useful for its assessments, the Control Room may request the collaboration of the Reconstruction Coordination Room referred to in Article 1 of the Legislative Decree of 17 October 2016, n. 189, converted, with amendments, by law 15 December 2016, n. 229.


Article 5


1. No compensation is paid to the members of the control room, or their respective delegates.

2. Any mission costs remain the responsibility of the Administrations to which the members belong or their delegates within the scope of pre-existing spending authorisations.

3. The implementation of this annex must not result in new or greater burdens on public finances.

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