Art. 73. Publication at national level

1. Notices and calls referred to in Articles 70, 71 and 98 shall not be published at national level before the publication pursuant to Article 72. However, publication may in any event take place at the national level where contracting authorities have not been notified of the publication within 48 hours after confirmation of the receipt of the notice in accordance with Article 72.

2. Notices and calls published at national level shall not contain information other than that contained in the notices or calls dispatched to the Publications Office of the European Union or published on a buyer profile, but shall indicate the date of dispatch of the notice to the Publications Office of the European Union or its publication on the buyer profile.

3. Prior information notices shall not be published on a buyer profile before the dispatch to the Publications Office of the European Union of the notice of their publication in that form. They shall indicate the date of that dispatch.

4. Without prejudice to the provisions of article 72, notices and notices are also published without charge on the profile of the client of the contracting authority and on the digital platform of calls for tenders to the ANAC, in application cooperation with the computerized systems of regions and regional e-procurement platforms. By decree of the Minister of Infrastructures and Transport, in agreement with the ANAC, to be adopted within six months from the date of entry into force of this code, the general publication guidelines are defined in order to guarantee the certainty of the publication date and adequate levels of transparency and know-how, even with the use of the most widespread daily press in the area concerned. The aforementioned decree identifies the date until which notices and notices must also be published in the Official Journal of the Italian Republic, special series relating to public contracts, by the sixth working day following the receipt of documentation by the Office. Polygraphic Institute of the State. The publication of additional information, complementary or additional to those indicated in this code, takes place exclusively electronically and does not entail financial charges for the contracting authorities. Until the date indicated in the decree referred to in this paragraph, article 216, paragraph 11 applies. this is the decree of December 2, 2016, in G.U. No. 20 of January 25, 2017 see Decree of the MIT dated December 2, 2016, published in the Italian Official Gazette no. 20 of January 25, 2017 concerning the publication of the calls for tenders in Italy

5. The legal effects that the legal system connects to advertising at national level start from the date of publication on the digital platform of calls for tenders to the ANAC.
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