Art. 58. Procedures carried out through telematic trading platforms

1. Pursuant to current legislation in the field of electronic documents and digital signatures, in compliance with Article 52 and the principles of transparency, simplification and effectiveness of procedures, contracting entities shall use tendering procedures wholly managed by telematic systems in accordance with the provisions referred to in this Code. The use of telematic systems must not affect the equal access of operators or prevent, limit or distort competition or modify the subject matter of the contract as defined in the tender documents.

2. Contracting entities may stipulate that the award of a fully managed telematic procedure shall be carried out by the submission of a single tender or through an electronic auction under the conditions and in the manner laid down in Article 56.

3. paragraph repealed by legislative decree no. 56/2017 in force from 20-5-2017

4. The telematic system automatically creates and attributes to each economic operator participating in the procedure a personal identification code by assigning user IDs and passwords and any other individual codes needed to operate within the system.

5. When tenders are received, the contracting entity shall electronically send to each competitor the notification of the correct transposition of the tender.

6. paragraph repealed by legislative decree no. 56/2017 in force from 20-5-2017

7. Following the procedure in paragraph 6, the telematic system automatically produces the ranking.

8. The tendering procedures entirely managed by telematic systems may also be adopted for the purpose of concluding the agreements referred to in Article 26 of Law No. 488 of 23 December 1999.

9. Technologies are chosen in such a way as to ensure the accessibility of people with disabilities, in accordance with European standards.

10. The Digital Agency for Italy (AGID) issues, by July 31 2016, additional technical rules to ensure the interception and sharing of data between telematic purchase and trading systems.
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