Art. 22. Transparency in the participation of stakeholders and public debate

1. Contracting authorities and contracting entities shall publish, on their buyer's profile, the feasibility projects relating to the great infrastructural works and architecture of social relevance, having an impact on the environment, as well as the results of the public consultation, including the transcripts of the meeting and debates with the stakeholders. The contributions and transcripts shall be published, with equal evidence, together with the documents drawn up by the administration and relating to those same works.

2. By means of a decree of the President of the Council of Ministers, to be adopted within one year from the entry into force of this Code, upon proposal of the Minister of Infrastructures and Transports, having heard the Minister of the Environment and the Safeguard of Land and Sea and the Minister for Cultural Heritage and Activities, after having obtained the opinion of the competent Parliamentary Commissions, with reference to the new interventions commenced after the entry into force of that same decree, the criteria for the identification of the works in paragraph 1, divided by typology and dimensional thresholds, for whom it is mandatory the recourse to the procedure of public debate shall be fixed, and shall also be defined the modalities of carrying out and the timeline for conclusion of that same procedure. By means of that same decree the modalities for monitoring the implementation of the institute of the public debate shall also be established. For that purpose, a Commission shall be set up at the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transports, without further expenses for public finances, with the task of gathering and publishing information on ongoing or concluded public debates and of proposing recommendations for the unwinding of the public debate on the basis of the experiences gained. For the participation to the activities of the Commission shall not be provided compensations, attendance fees, emoluments, indemnities or reimbursements of expenses however described.

3. The contracting authority or the contracting entity proposing the work object of public debate shall hold and manage the unwinding of the procedure exclusively on the basis of the modalities identified by the decree referred to in paragraph 2.

4. The outcomes of the public debate and the observations gathered shall be assessed while preparing the final project and shall be discussed within the Conferences of services relating to the work object of public debate.
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