Art. 200. General Provisions

1. The infrastructures and priority settlements for the development of Italy shall be assessed and consequently inserted in the specific planning and programming instruments set forth in the following Articles, by the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transportation.

2. The realization of the works and infrastructures set forth in this Article is subject to:

a) a building and management concession;

b) the sole award to a general contractor;

c) project financing;

d) any other form of award provided by this Code that is compatible with the type of work to be rea

3. At the time of the initial determination of the infrastructures and settlements set forth in paragraph 1, the Minister of Infrastructures and Transportation shall prepare a survey of all of the works already included in the planning and programming instruments, regardless of how they are named, current as of the date of the entry into force of this Code. Upon the outcome of such survey, the Minister shall propose the list of the works to be inserted in the first multiannual planning document, whose content considers what is indicated in Article 201, paragraph 3, which shall replace all of the above instruments. The survey must, in any case, include interventions that involve binding legal obligations. Binding legal obligations are considered to be those related to interventions in relation to which the contract has already been approved after a tender for the realization of the work, as well as those that are the object of international agreements signed by Italy.
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