Art. 17-bis Other excluded contracts

1. The provisions in this Code shall not apply to contracts having as their subject-matter the purchase of agricultural products and foodstuffs for an amount not exceeding € 10,000 per year for each undertaking, by individual or associated agricultural undertakings in towns classified as totally mountain municipalities as referred in the list of Italian municipalities drawn up by the National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), or covered by the Circular of the Ministry of Finances n. 9 of 14 June 1993, published in the ordinary supplement n. 53 of the Official Journal of the Italian Republic n. 141 of 18 June 1993, as well as in the municipalities in minor islands as referred to in Annex A to law n. 448 of 28 December 2001.

article introduced by legislative decree no. 56/2017 in force from 20-5-2017
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