Art. 128. Notices on the existence of a qualification system

1. Contracting entities may set up and operate their own qualification system for economic operators. Such a system shall be noticed by means of a notice as referred to in Annex XIV, Part II letter H, indicating the purposes of the qualification system and the modalities useful to know the rules concerning its operation.

2. If a call for tenders is announced with a warning on the existence of a qualification system, the bidders, in a restricted procedure, or the participants, in a negotiated procedure, shall be selected from among the candidates qualified with such a system.

3. Contracting entities shall indicate the period of validity of the qualification system in the notice on the existence of the system. For contracts whose amount is equal to or exceeding the thresholds set out in Article 35, they shall notify the Publications Office of the European Union of any change in period of validity, using the following standard forms:
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