Art. 120. Postal services

1. The provisions in this Chapter shall apply to activities relating to the provision of:

a) postal services;

b) other services than postal services, on condition that such services are provided by an entity which also provides postal services within the meaning of paragraph 2, letter b), of this Article and provided that the conditions set out in Article 8 are not satisfied in respect of the services falling within paragraph 2, letter b) of this Article.

2. For the purpose of this Code and without prejudice to what provided for in Legislative Decree n. 261 of 22 July 1999, it shall be intended as:

a) ‘postal item’, an item addressed in the final form at the moment in which it is taken over, irrespective of its weight. In addition to items of correspondence, such items also include books, catalogues, newspapers, periodicals and postal packages containing merchandise with or without commercial value, irrespective of their weight;

b) ‘postal services’, services consisting of the clearance, sorting, routing and delivery of postal items. This shall include both services falling within the scope of the universal service set up in conformity with Directive 97/67/EC of the European Parliament and the Council as well as those services excluded from this scope;

c) ‘other services than postal services’, services provided in the following areas:

1. postal service management, i.e. services both preceding and subsequent to dispatch, including mailroom management services;

2. services concerning postal items other than those referred to in letter a), such as direct mail bearing no address.
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