Art. 111. Technical, accounting and administrative control

1. By decree of the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, to be adopted within 90 days from the date of entry into force of this Code, upon the proposal of ANAC, after consulting the competent parliamentary committees, and hearing the Supreme Council of Public Works and the Unified Conference referred to in Article 8 of Legislative Decree No. 281 of August 28 1997, the guidelines are approved that identify the measures and, where appropriate, the type of acts through which the site manager carries out the activity referred to in Article 101, paragraph 3 so as to ensure transparency, simplification and IT streamlining, with particular reference to electronic methodologies and equipment also for accounting controls. With the decree referred to in the first sentence, the procedures for the operation of the verification of compliance check in course of performance and final, and the related timing, as well as the cases in which the executive director may be entrusted with the verification of compliance are also dealt with. If the contracting authorities cannot carry out the management of the works, it shall be entrusted in the order to other public authorities, following a special agreement pursuant to Article 15 of Law No. 241 of August 7 1990, or understanding or agreement referred to in Article 30 of Legislative Decree No. 267 of August 18 2000; to the designer appointed; to other parties chosen under the procedures set out in this Code for the awarding of the design tasks. see Decree of the MIT no. 49 of March 7, 2018, published in the Italian Official Gazette, General Series no. 111 of May 15, 2018, concerning guidelines for the supervision activity of work director and executive director

1-bis. The laboratory tests and compulsory technical tests relating to the activities referred to in paragraph 1, or specifically provided for in the special conditions governing works contracts, are arranged by the works management or testing body, charging the expenditure on the sums made available to that effect in the economic context. These expenses are not subject to rebate. The criteria for determining such costs are identified by decree of the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, adopted upon the proposal of the Supreme Council of Public Works. paragraph introduced by legislative decree no. 50/2017 in force from 20-5-2017

2. The executive director of the contract for services or supplies shall be, as a rule, the sole project manager and shall provide , also with the assistance of one or more operational managers identified by the contracting entity in relation to the complexity of the contract, for the coordination, management and technical and accounting monitoring of the performance of the contract agreed upon by the contracting entity ensuring the proper performance by the performer in accordance with the contractual documents. With the same decree referred to in paragraph 1, guidelines are also approved which fully identify the procedures for carrying out the control procedures referred to in the previous sentence, in accordance with transparency and simplification criteria. Until the date of entry into force of the decree referred to in paragraph 1, Article 216, paragraph 17 shall apply.
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