1. The implementing acts referred to in Article 8 shall be adopted within the following periods:

a) 90 working days where free access to a given market is presumed on the basis of the first subparagraph of Article 84);

b) 130 working days in cases other than those referred to in point a).

The periods set out in points a) and b) of this paragraph shall be prolonged by 15 working days where the request is not accompanied by a reasoned and substantiated position, adopted by an independent national authority that is competent in relation to the activity concerned, which thoroughly analyses the conditions for the possible applicability of Article 81) to the activity concerned in accordance with Article 82), 3) and 4).

Those deadlines shall commence on the first working day following the date on which the Commission receives the request referred to in Article 85) or, where the information to be supplied with the request is incomplete, on the working day following the receipt of the complete information.

The periods set out in the first subparagraph may be extended by the Commission with the agreement of the Member State or contracting entity which has presented the request.

2. The Commission may require the Member State or the contracting entity concerned or the independent national authority referred to under Article 85) or any other competent national authority to provide all necessary information or to supplement or clarify information given within an appropriate time limit. In the event of late or incomplete answers, the periods set out in the paragraph 1) shall be suspended for the period between the expiry of the time limit set in the request for information, and the receipt of the complete and correct information.
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